Lonely Planet Andalucia (Travel Guide)

October 29, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Great guide as everything from this publisher. Andalusia is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe so it would be hard to fail a guide book about it. What I love of Lonely Planet guides is the array of anecdotes and the suggestions of off the tourist track restaurants and hotels, following their suggestions made our stay even more pleasant. BUT, as always, they tend to be over enthusiastic about everything to see. So you need to read through the lines with a pinch of salt: if they write things as “underrated star” or unjustly…

Anonymous says:

Used to love Loney Planet but recently have been left down Some of the places were permanetley closed, and I find the guide not well organised or interesting, I’ve used an older versione ages ago and had much more of secret gems compared to this on.

Anonymous says:

Lots of info, but sloppy round the edges Lots of information and ideas for what to see. Covers a range of places from the big cities to small towns. As you would expect, a well-researched book from lonely planet.However, I bought the January 2019 edition and by the time of my visit in October 2019 some of the information was already out of date, such as prices and opening hours. I suspect that these little details were not checked before printing the latest edition – poor form Lonely Planet.Would recommend…

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