One Last Greek Summer

September 25, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Funny I don’t need to give a synopsis of the book, other reviewers have done that already so all I need to say is that One Last Greek Summer is the perfect summer holiday read. I read it while on holiday in Mexico but as a lover of all things Corfu, it made me yearn to return. The descriptions of this magical island are spot-on and Mandy brings it to life perfectly. I could almost smell the tavernas and taste the cocktails!This book is a very funny read and once again, Mandy’s imagination runs…

Anonymous says:

One Last Greek Summer Mandy Baggot is one of my favourite authors of this genre and I enjoyed this book sooo much! I have never been to Corfu but thanks to Mandy I feel as though I’ve been! I love the place and can almost feel the atmosphere with Beth and Heidi; who I adore! I loved everything about this book, the storyline, the characters and it was full of warmth and lol humour! I loved Alex too (who wouldn’t!) but his Mum … but I have to say that she did grow on me, the further that I got into the story. I…

Anonymous says:

Mandy’s best yet! What a great read! I love the island of Corfu as much as Mandy does. Having it as the back drop of this beautiful story that takes you through every emotion possible! Hard to put down, amazing tale that will have you wishing it never ended. I love Heidi, the best character and charm ever, we all need a best friend like her! Thank you Mandy!

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