In Your Defence: Stories of Life and Law

November 17, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Absolutely fascinating. Each of the author’s eleven selected cases is treated as a separate narrative. Not only is Sarah Langford a celebrated lawyer, but has the special quality of transferring onto paper the human emotions that impregnate each and every one of her cases. Some are concerned with criminal trials, others with family court issues. Without sentimentality, through her lucid presentation of facts, Ms. Langford reaches within us to our deepest feelings. I bought this book as a gift for my…

Anonymous says:

Could Not Put It Down Sarah Langford’s collection of eleven different criminal and family law cases is a must for all who are fascinated with the workings of the English legal system. She adds a human side to such cases but her real skill is in making you feel totally involved in each case. Split over eleven cases it is also easy to read at a rate of a case a day. This book was bought for me by a friend who knew I had just finished the Secret Barrister’s brilliant Stories of the Law and How it is Broken. I would…

Anonymous says:

Reflective view of the criminal justice system I have some experience of both family and adult courts so am always eager to read about how others interact within the system.The Secret Barrister was my most recent read about the courts and, whilst some of it was fair, I found to whole tone of the book very pessimistic. From the reviews I understood that Sarah Langford takes a much more constructive attitude (always worth remembering that the court system has many flaws but strives to always do the right thing first time). By the way, I…

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