This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

July 20, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Probably best he changed careers. I didn’t like this book. I’d say that right from the start Adam clearly wasn’t cut out for doctoring. He didn’t seem to enjoy his job from the start. It was moan, moan, moan. Not well enough paid, no time off, working until the job he has started was finished etc. He should have done more research before he went to medical school.I completely understand about black humour in times of stress and it is a stressful job but all of what he lists as ‘anecdotes’ were human beings and even if…

Anonymous says:

NHS on its knees…. Working on the wards as an auxiliary all through Uni as well as a being a Student Nurse, and then qualifying as a Staff Nurse I have a complete understanding for not just the funny stories, but sadly the down sides of what our junior doctors have to endure.I have been the impatient Nurse paging an already overstretched junior doctor to come and review a patient, prescribe more pain relief or fluids, check Gent or Vanc levels or write a discharge letter (as the patient is standing in…

Anonymous says:

An emotional trup I worked as a nurse and student midwife in the seventies. I have witnessed many things both incredibly happy and devastating sad. But with the black humour and support of colleges we coped. The situation is now desperately and in many cases life-threatening deplorable. I loved this book and would highly recommended that all ministers as well as managers of hospital trusts read it and ask themselves why it is allowed to get worse . To Adam kay, I think you are a remarkable person your book was…

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