Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up

November 16, 2019 - Comment

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An overview of the tragic comedy that is human life The clue is in the title – this really is a brief history of human civilisation, a whistle stop tour through some of the more hilariously daft mistakes folk have made throughout the ages. Tom Phillips writes in an easy, conversational style and never labours over minute points, producing a very readable book that should have mass appeal. There are several tongue-in-cheek digs at the current political climate, so the book may not age particularly well, however, this doesn’t take away from the…

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Gladwell/Kahneman with jokes Extremely entertaining and deeply depressing in equal measure. Packed with eclectic examples from across human history and the planet of humanity’s ongoing propensity to make seriously disastrous mistakes by getting sucked into a whole range of cognitive biases, it reads like a hybrid of Daniel Kahneman, Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond – but with jokes and pop-culture references galore.The simple message? Don’t be like the rest of humanity – learn from history. (Even if that’s…

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This is what you would get.. If Sir Pterry had decided to go into a new career as a historian – only possibly more sarcastic.In 1969 such and such river caught fire… Should the reader be confused at this point… This is generally accepted not to be business as usual for the average river.. Is the gist of one memorable section.This so needs a series of sequels though – there are so many @#&* ups to choose from. The Battle of May Island is a great one. A Darwin Award special edition Hall of Shame (aka 22,000kw…

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