Why We Eat (Too Much): The New Science of Appetite

February 5, 2020 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

This book will change your life The set-point theory, which this book uses to explain why almost everyone in the western world is overweight or obese is highly enlightening: it clearly explains why diets will crash and then yo-yo. It explains why peoples metabolic rates go up when they are fat. It explains why people (including me) hit weight-loss plateau.This book is shocking in many places, but shows scientific evidence for each and every point made. If we governed by kind people, this book would be taking…

Anonymous says:

interesting theory about ‘weight set point’ and how to change it The author is a bariatric surgeon who is reflecting on his experience with patients over many years; and also on how bariatric surgery works when it works well; and on wider issues connected with weight, encompassing genetics, epigenetic, and the Western diet.The theory the author comes up with is that much of our eating behaviour is driven by the unconscious rather than the conscious mind (so it’s hard to control by acts of will and maybe impossible), and it’s partly genetics (body…

Anonymous says:

An Explanation of the Causes of and Treatments for Obesity. The book is organised in three parts plus an epilogue, references, illustrations and two appendices. There is also a short bibliography and a useful glossary of medical terms. Part one is entitled lessons in energy. Part two, lessons in obesogenics, and Part three, blueprint for a healthier life. Appendix 1 deals with the cholesterol debate, appendix 2 with Omega 3 to Omega 6.Dr Jenkinson is a consultant surgeon with a special interest in keyhole surgery. He is part of a team…

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