Psychology, Mental Health and Distress

February 10, 2020 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

The most necessary perspective for the future of mental health thoroughly presented. A profound and incisive account of the limitations of the biomedical model of metal health, and a thorough case for a Biopsychosocial paradigm, that includes sufferers’ accounts of their experiences of mental distress, and the fact of their own agency and social meanings in their diagnosis and treatent. An invaluable perspective on mental wellbeing, distress, and the therapist as an agentic part of the journey to a successful outcome, not simply a disassociated facilitator with a white coat and…

Anonymous says:

At last, a psychology text book which is worth buying I would thoroughly recommend this book to any student of psychology and believe it should be required reading for all doctors who decide to specialise in psychiatry. The tide is turning away from traditional psychiatry in regard to the categorisation of mental illness, speeded up by the publishing of the dire DSM-5 in 2013. Cromby’s book demonstrates that formulation trumps diagnosis as a way of understanding distress and offers a valid alternative to labelling an individual with a fictitious…

Anonymous says:

Great but not for beginners Great book, but a word of warning, it’s definitely not for beginners – this book assumes a certain level of pre-understanding.

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