Living the Healthy Life: An 8 week plan for letting go of unhealthy dieting habits and finding a balanced approach to weight loss

August 29, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Not just anther recipe book I don’t know where to started reviewing this book.If you embrace this approach to nutrition that Jessica Sepel suggests then it is not just another recipe book but a whole new way of eating. I always ate fairly healthily but tended avoid too much oil, nuts and seeds and to eat low fat foods for fear of gaining weight. After months of eating following this books approach I feel great, my weight is stable and the most impressive thing is that I no longer have cravings for sweet foods. You do have…

Anonymous says:

Five Stars great book

Anonymous says:

excellent really good book, more than a book as its a programme. i have both books and also have done the online programme and find her such a great help in keeping my self healthy and sane 🙂

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