What If Everything You Knew About Education Was Wrong? (Paperback edition)

July 20, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

5 reasons it’s not so bad being told you’re probably wrong. Given the title of the book, many readers might be expecting an uncomfortable and frustrating experience. Indeed, any teacher approaching this book should do so with the expectation that many of their most deeply held beliefs about teaching, learning and schools will be subject to Didau’s criticism. At no point, however, did this leave me frustrated or aggrieved. This is down to the following:1. The style. Even though it is very unnerving to have your beliefs challenged, the writer,…

Anonymous says:

Superb, challenging, invigorating stuff. I’ve rarely found the time (or inclination) to write a book review, but this book is special.First, a disclaimer: this is not an easy read. Not because of the style of writing (David Didau’s style is clear and enjoyable to read) but because1. it’s a big book (for an education book anyway)2. for many teachers it will challenge an awful lot of what we believe/assume to be good teaching practice.Didau starts off by explaining how the human brain is pretty bad at…

Anonymous says:

How could I come to doubt some of my views on education so easily you may ask The book has certainly made me ask serious questions about my own pedagogical views. Particularly my lack of self scrutiny regarding assertions I have always assumed to be true. Assertions I have actively passed confidently on to my colleagues. Assertions that I have never attempted to prove, simply because they feel right. How could I come to doubt some of my views on education so easily you may ask? It’s only a book you say. True, but it is a very intelligent book, especially the first 4…

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