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December 26, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

If you are teaching in Higher Education this book will change your life, or at least your teaching. This book should become a standard text for all teaching staff in Higher Education. If you are being taught by someone who has not read it or if you are in a University that does not apply constructive alignment then as a student you should be worried. It should be on every higher education teacher’s bookshelf and you should check that they have read it.Constructive alignment is one of the most powerful tools we have for improving higher education. If it could filter down to…

Anonymous says:

Enlightening and very useful! I have found the book very informative with useful examples across a range of situations to assist readers in aligning to their personal circumstances. I have purchased the kindle version, which can be a little difficult to follow some of the tables and other formatted information, some of which is displayed disjointed or is too small to read. The book is well worth buying if you are interested in developing your underpinning knowledge, skills and overall effectiveness in any teaching or…

Anonymous says:

Core for HE Cor book for learning about Higher education, this book is pretty didactic and well explained. It is however written by a single person and lacks diversity of opinions on some topics

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