Steering the Craft: A Twenty-First-Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story

October 16, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Hugely useful book for any aspiring fiction writer This slim, functional book is an updated and rewritten version of .While the commentary in the book is lively and interesting, the emphasis here is on exercises and on helping the writer find their own voice, so keep in mind you have to put in the work to get the most out of it. (And by you I mean me!) This isn’t…

Anonymous says:

A good guide for groups or individuals who seriously want to work at improvring their writing I try to make a habit these days of writing a review of every book I read as soon as I can after I complete it, but reviewing “Steering the Craft: A 21st-Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story” by Ursula K Le Guin was always going to be a hard job. It’s a book about how to write by one of the best authors of our time, and I only play at being a writer in my spare time.This week’s sad news of the death of its author makes my review of this little book even more daunting…

Anonymous says:

A wonderful book. It’s probably not the best choice for … A wonderful book. It’s probably not the best choice for someone starting out, but, as the author says herself in the introduction, if you already have some good writing experience, it’s wonderful to help you improve your skills, get out of writer’s block, or fix a problem in one of your texts by doing the various exercises. Great fun and really useful.

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