Crafted: A compendium of crafts – new, old and forgotten

October 24, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

No practical information While this book covers a reasonable range of various crafts, it’s just a compilation of the very bare basics of information on them of the type you’d find in the first 2-3 paragraphs of a Wikipedia article. That’s it.There’s nothing practical here – no how-tos, no projects, no lists of items needed. We’re told the name of the craft, the dictionary-simple explanation of what the craft is, and maybe a sentence or two about its history (don’t expect much more than ‘was found in…

Anonymous says:

Charming! Beautiful book, stunning illustrations, really charming.

Anonymous says:

A beautifully crafted book I am writing this review, not only to share with others, what a joyful celebration of craft this book is, but also in response to the incredibly derogatory review left by ‘Blu’ because it is inconceivable how such a wonderful publication could arouse such a vitriolic response?This book is a pleasure; from picking it up and feeling its weight, the embossed gilded lettering on the cover, to its text and illustrations. Whilst it is not a “how to” kind of book, it gives an in depth…

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