The Ritz London: The Cookbook

July 20, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

a delightful read written by a toff I can’t afford to buy the ingredients needed to make many of the recipes here, but I love this book. It shows you how to make posh grub beautifully. I try to replace many of the most expensive dishes here with cheaper alternatives and they cook up divinely. This book is playfully written by someone who loves their food. It gives you ways to spruce up old favourites like shepherds pie with imaginative little twists that really enhance their flavour.

Anonymous says:

Inspirational and beautifully produced book There is absolutely nothing to dislike with this book. John Williams MBE, the Master Chef and the main contributer in the book is so passionate about the food served at the Ritz and the pictures are beautiful. The recipes are amazing and inspiring. I doubt I could ever attain the perfect presentation in these pictures but what it does do is to make some of that passion rub off onto the reader. It has some unusual pairings of different flavours which certainly would never have occurred to me…

Anonymous says:

Wow what a great book At first sight this book may seem to be from different age and the recipes not for you, but look closer and the information it contains is gold. You can use elements of each dish alone or create something amazing. This book is also a delight to own, from the coffee table to the kitchen. This book will transform your cooking if you have the time and patience to let it !

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