The Carnivore Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Success on the Carnivore Diet with Over 100 Recipes, Meal Plans, and Science

February 17, 2020 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

The Carnivore Diet is increasingly popular. This is a very comprehensive description of it. The basis of the Carnivore Diet is “eat animals; don’t eat plants”. There are many variants within this theme.(“Animals” in the broadest sense includes mammals, birds, and seafood, and the products of these).The typical aim of people adopting the Carnivore Diet is to improve their healthy longevity.This may be as simple as losing weight, but the benefits are often far greater than weight-loss.This book covers a large range of topics within this theme:Why and…

Anonymous says:

If you want to know about carnivore, this is your bible. This isn’t just a cookbook, this bookis a carnivore Bible!. It contains everything you need to know about going carnivore. Maria and Craig go into great detail to outline the practicality of eating a meat based diet, focusing on how bioavailable the nutrients in meat are, meaning less pressure on our enviromemt(bye bye glyphosate). Sources are referenced throughout so they can be easily accessed for further information.You won’t doubt that carnivore is the proper human diet after…

Anonymous says:

Essential book for healing and weight control. Anyone wanting to make the leap to Carnivore (usually from a well formulated Keto lifestyle) will want this book. The science behind why this is a powerful healing and/or weight loss transition is succinct and thorough. Explanations on why we as humans struggle on plant based diets due to our physiology are revelatory. Worried about boredom? No need, the recipes show how varied and delicious this lifestyle can be. Invaluable.

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