Black Axe Mangal

December 17, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Book of the Year Since Amazon won’t let me swear in a review, I’ll simply say f’#ing banging. Best book out there. A great read, a great resource and a great cookbook. It’s got something for everyone, from the rookie to the professional. Everyone will find a new favorite receipe, a hack, a bit of inspiration. Easy nomination for cookbook of the year, on the list for every serious chef or foodie. And if they don’t like it, f’ em.

Anonymous says:

Amazing recipes from London’s most exciting restaurant At their restaurant on London’s Highbury Corner, Black Axe Mangal take your taste buds to new heights, and this book gives you the recipes and inspiration to do that at home. The foreword from St John’s Fergus Henderson made me laugh and cry, and the introduction from Lee Tiernan made me so proud to be one of the thousands upon thousands of fans of BAM’s food, and proud of him for his unwavering dedication to cooking food that is always out for the ordinary and unforgettable. Buy this book,…

Anonymous says:

Wildly different! User friendly. I loved this book. It is very different from any other cook book I own. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Lots of pictures with clear instructions to follow. Entertaining too!

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