Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World

January 6, 2020 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Interesting – but disappointing I bought this thinking it would be a bit of a technological “treat”, but although it certainly has some interesting content it turned out to be something of a disappointing read. Maybe I was expecting too much – he is after all a journalist, not an engineer or scientist – but while some descriptions and explanations of technological concepts and advances were OK, others were too “soft-focus” to be satisfying. So, a book all about precision which suffers from a certain lack of precision, at…

Anonymous says:

Verbose, Rambling and Flawed Good review by G M Ogg, apart from awarding 3 stars!I first read about ‘Exactly: How Precision Engineers created the Modern World’ in Simon Kuper’s review in The Spectator June 2018. Because the subject matter of the book seemed so interesting to me I didn’t heed the warnings in that review – I’ve reread it now after wading through the book -” Machines shape human history. But they get little attention, in part because few writers understand them. Winchester, a veteran craftsman of…

Anonymous says:

less about me I do have a Mech Eng background and I so wanted to love this book. It started off fascinatingly but the further into it you get the more it meanders. We read at length about the writers passion for cameras, Japanese culture , the history of and personalities behind Rolls Royce, travels in a RR Camargue , and while its peppered with very interesting recounts, it was a disappointment in the end.

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