Computer Coding for Kids: A unique step-by-step visual guide, from binary code to building games

December 10, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Excellent introduction to programming for kids! I cannot recommend this book enough! It is a fantastic introduction to simple coding for kids and, I would argue, adults also! It starts off with Scratch drag and drop and slowly moves to a bit of Python programming throughout the book. It’s all quite simple but give youngsters a great understanding of what coding is all about and how it can be applied.It is also magnificently presented. The artwork and colours in this book is just so attractive that you cannot fail to be impressed…

Anonymous says:

stepping into Python programming and a good start into Binary Very handy book, with clear concise content, ideal for creating activities for year 7 Scratch computing classes, stepping into Python programming and a good start into Binary.

Anonymous says:

A very good starting point for younger children I am a professional C# developer, and I bought this because I was asked if I could teach programming to a 7-year-old. Although I’m familiar with the theory, I needed some ideas on how to approach the subject with a child, and this book was helpful. The only criticism I could have is that it is a little short in my opinion – you will have to move on to more advanced books fairly soon, but it’s an excellent choice to begin with.

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