How Children Learn: From Montessori to Vygotsky – Educational Theories and Approaches Made Easy

October 31, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Essential uni book! This is a fantastic book which has been such a help for writing uni essays and understanding child development. It explains everything in a simple way and gives you the key facts about each theorist. It packs a lot of information in but also allows you to use this as a starting point to research particular theorists or ideas that interest you. I also like that it is written in chronological order as this gives you a sense of how education and the understanding of child development has changed…

Anonymous says:

Very useful & informative Really glad I bought this book! It’s very clear on all the theorists that were relevant to my study. I got it with the sole intention of using it to help me write an assignment for my OU course but I can see it will be of value throughout the rest of my course as a reference tool. Well worth buying

Anonymous says:

MUST HAVE! Anybody completing a PGCE must buy this book! A tutor recommended it as an excellent starting point for theory research and she was right. The book has easy to read summaries on all the key practitioners with additional suggested reading and websites. This book was a life saver when writing my own assignments for my PGCE and I know other colleagues who found it equally useful. If you only buy one book to help with your assignments make sure it’s this one!

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