Children of Ruin (The Children of Time Novels)

October 7, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Magnificent sequel to Children of Time Gloriously imagined, intricately plotted, relatable characters on a breathtaking scale. Children of Ruin goes on a similar thousand-plus-year journey to Children of Time with some of the familiar characters from the first book, and a couple of newcomers.The story unrolls like a tide, flicking back and forth between two time periods, mixing classic horror/sci fi, linguistics tropes in the vein of Arrival, more insight into the twisted mind of Dr Avrana Kern from the first book, and a…

Anonymous says:

A fantastic sequel to one of my favourite books! Some of you may know that Children of Time is one of my absolute favourite novels. I love the incredible scope, storytelling, and world that Tchaikovsky captures on the page. Children of Ruin is a fantastic sequel that expands on everything that made the first book great, all while serving a compelling and gorgeous story.Children of Ruin expands well on the story initially told in Children of Time, but still manages to hold onto the things I loved from the first book. I can go on…

Anonymous says:

Ultimately disappointing sequel. (2.5 stars) There’s nothing wrong with the story, it’s handling of the truly ‘alien mind set’ is interesting and the action pieces are well handled. It’s steady if somewhat predictable sequel. My issues are in the writing and structure of the novel – the editor needed to be firmer with the writer. It’s verbose, there’s way too much meandering and character self introspection and there a complete section of the book, some 60 pages of social backstory leading to an event that could have been dealt with in…

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