Blue Moon: (Jack Reacher 24)

January 26, 2020 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Reacher needs to retire The conversation between the Author and the Publishers prior to writing this book must have went something like this –Publisher – Lee, your body count in you last book was around fifty, your readers were very unhappy, the plot was ponderous and dull, not enough gory killing and mayhem.Lee – OK I’ll try harder in future, sorry, I was getting bored with the whole Reacher character.Publisher to Lee after reading the first draft of “Blue Moon”This is…

Anonymous says:

Slight improvement on 23 but… That’s it for me, 24 and out. I used to enjoy reading them but these last two have been very putdownable. From not much action in the last book, this has almost non stop action which quickly becomes tedious. If you are looking to read some really enjoyable books by Lee Child, stop at Reacher number 22.

Anonymous says:

Written for the screen and the money. I’ve been an avid fan of Lee Child from the beginning but this has to be the biggest crock of crap he’s ever written. The body count mounts remorselessly, with Reacher despatching most of them. The group of people working with him sounds more like the Three Musketeers on steroids and in the end the final justification for the murder and mayhem is almost incidental.

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