Stop Saving Start Investing: Ten Simple Rules for Effectively Investing in Funds

November 4, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

An informative and refreshingly entertaining read. Highly recommend! This books was as enjoyable to read as it was informative (and it was very informative).I’ve always been interested in diversifying my approach to saving but had always considered taking the step from basic saving into the more ‘sophisticated’ investment into funds and/or shares as quite daunting.I was looking for something that could help me take this first step and that’s when I came across this gem of a book. This really helped me make sense of how best to approach…

Anonymous says:

Very basic information in this book really and the print … Very basic information in this book really and the print size is huge with not many pages, I was shocked when it arrived compared to other books of a similar topic which were all ordered at the same time. It took me 4 hours to read this whole book and I am not a fast reader… Concepts and advice is sound but very basic! Can also find our most of the information for free from his website which is a similar name to the book.

Anonymous says:

Perfect for the beginners like me I hate books that explain everything up and done before getting to the main point.This book is straight forward and at the same time comprehensie and covers most of the basics you need to know about investment in funds.I paid around 2£ for the kindle version of this book, the day after started investing in some funds, one day later had 3£ profit from my investment.Also wrote an email to the author via his website, he replied and answered my question 2-3…

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