Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

March 2, 2020 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Exciting ideas, deceptively simply put. Recommended. Only those who are truly confident of their subject dare write about it as plainly and simply as Seife. At first I had doubts – was this too elementary? But this was a failing on my part, not his. Once I got into the mathematics and physics I was grateful for such succinctness.Whether you come to this book from general interest, as an historian of ideas (as I did) or a scientist broadening his range you should get much out of it.And believe me, it is an exciting read…

Anonymous says:

The value of nothing. Most interesting and thoughtful, well researched book. Did seem to repeat itself a bit and lost me a bit towards the end, but that’s not the book’s fault, it’s just too many years since I last studied higher maths.Would only appeal to those with a maths/physics interest.I enjoyed it.

Anonymous says:

“Nothing in particular is Everything in general.” Haven’t read it all yet, but so far it’s pretty good. I got John D Barrow’s “Book of Nothing” many years ago, which I wasn’t too pleased with – this seems much better. When I’ve read the whole thing, I might add a further comment. Ordered from The Book Depository (as usual) and the packaging and delivery were all satisfactory. They usually throw in a free bookmark too. Highly recommended.

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