First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill

November 6, 2019 - Comment

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First Among First Ladies Sonia Purnell’s superb Life of Clementine Churchill combines her extraordinary personal story with a remarkable account of her vital but all-too-forgotten role at the summit of world events.It’s a riveting story, brilliantly told, of individual and family life blended with the intensely public life that came with marriage to Winston Churchill. Even if you are familiar with the Churchill story, page after page will reveal new facts and throw new light on famous events. This book is…

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Both sadly had been damaged from bad childhoods and that may account for this and it … I was keen to read this as will be visiting Chartwell in 2017.My question would be what if there had been no first world war or second world war, would Churchill and his wife have been remembered. The other question would be if we had had a different prime minister at the helm during the second world war – would the outcome have been different? we will never know.The lady herself I felt was born in the wrong time as today she would have gone to university and may have…

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“Cometh the woman” This is a fascinating book, giving considerable insight into recent history, and even though I lived through some of the latter part covered by the book it reveals a great deal that I did not know (nor, I think, did many people at that time). It is extremely readable, with a humorous touch which brings all the characters to life. The more I read of Churchill the more I am convinced of the saying “Cometh the hour, cometh the man”, but now it seems that we should also add “and the…

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