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July 20, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Educational Some autobiographical memoirs of traumatic childhoods areself-pitying and self- absorbed. This one is not. The author gives a balanced picture of her troubled family,in which madness is combined with ingenuity, intelligence and grit, and of the wider Mormon community in which she grew up. It provides a fascinating insight into the complex effects of mental illness on family relationships and the individual. It is also a moving story of one individual’s successful struggle to overcome…

Anonymous says:

I’ve been Educated Usually I take issue with someone younger than me churning out a memoir. On this occasion I’m all for it. This is a stonker. I couldn’t believe that it’s based in the late 20th and early 21st century. I kept slipping into an assumption that it was 1960s America.I read a review in a broadsheet that mentioned Westover’s author’s voice being distant and a little cold. I didn’t feel this at all. I felt it was all the more powerful for not being doused in flowery descriptions. It was…

Anonymous says:

A bit depressing I expected this book to be more redemptive, and it finally left me rather depressed. I suppose I was waiting for the author’s vindication, and I probably wanted a bit of retribution to fall on those appalling parents and that horrible brother. It is hard to believe this was happening during the 21st century, and I admire the author for her ultimate escape, though I was frustrated by the number of times she returned home and faced more abuse. Don’t want to re-read it.

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