Afloat: A Memoir

January 7, 2020 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Loved It! An honest account of living aboard a tiny narrowboat as a continuous cruiser, and having to move on every fourteen days, while working in London. Wonderful stories of the people in the cruiser communities and the friendships, and an eye for the wildlife in and alongside the canals and rivers. Her experiences eventually allow Danie to come to terms with episodes in her past.

Anonymous says:

I laughed, I cried, I love this book! Danie’s wonderful writing has sensitively captured the secretive and unique nomadic lifestyle of a live-aboard boater in and around London without glamourising it. As I was reading, I felt pride for her and inspired by her grit and determination. She shares a brave story of recovery from painful events in her past conveying hope and courage in a touching and poignant way. The book is also full of exciting colourful characters and bonkers moments that made me laugh until I cried. Beautifully,…

Anonymous says:

Page turner from the Cut What a splendid travel narrative this is! I found the author modest to say the least in her adventuring without a scrap of experience, handling narrow boats then a wide beam in a sometimes inhospitable location. Daniel countered ups and downs, many overwhelming to me I suspect. I’ve read many waterways books and this rates in the top 5, good on you Daniel girl, I wish you the best of life!

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