The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story

October 28, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Pricey but Plenty to See and Read This is an excellent book, if a bit pricey in hardback. I didn’t see any print quality problems in my copy, so it’s not a universal problem. Maybe just an early print-run problem.The book is packed with design artwork for story ideas, costume, props, vehicles, sets, and creatures. Describing Han’s female counterpart as “love interest” is a bit jarring and demeaning in the present day, but there it is right on the page. There’s precious little about other characters, such as Lando;…

Anonymous says:

Another great tome I have always loved the concept art books, and this was a welcome addition to my collection. Yes the movie and subject are perhaps on a smaller scale to what we are used to, and yes we are familiar with a lot of the elements of this particular time frame in the star wars universe. I still found this a great book, filled with the usual high quality images. I especially enjoyed the section on Dryden Vos, his yacht and the good old (well not good, tyrannically evil) galactic empire.

Anonymous says:

Great Looking at the production of “Solo” from start to finish (without mentioning the directorial shift around once), this highlights the concept art and processes as led by James Clyne (he works for the ILM Art Department, as you’ll be told several times) and Neil Lamont (whose dad, Peter Lamont, designed every Bond film from “For Your Eyes Only” to “Goldeneye”, the 90’s/00’s era James Cameron films, won an Oscar for “Titanic” but is described as having a ‘storied’ career). Beautifully designed,…

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