The Art of Hypnosis

February 1, 2020 - Comment


Anonymous says:

C Roy Hunter seems a genuine and nice man, in awe of his mentor I had to pick through this to get the information I was looking for. C Roy Hunter seems a genuine and nice man, in awe of his mentor. The simple fact in the book is creativity+imagination+expectation+conviction is the route to a good way of thinking, being and life. To get this, you have to shut down your left logical side of the brain and talk to the right, emotional side – or distract the gatekeeper of consciousness and go to the subconscious mind. There we are… simple!

Anonymous says:

good for students I have never know anyone to love someone as much as this author loves Charles Tebbetts, his late mentor. Seriously, it was like a hidden love book. I feel through that it shows his teachings well, he sets it out well – good for a student like myself.I have found it useful throughout my study for various reasons/subjects. Good for any future Hypnotherapist.

Anonymous says:

Great Absolutely fantastic introduction to Hypnosis and its application in Hypnotherapy. Well written, structured, easy to understand and follow. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in Hypnosis.

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