Photography: The Key Concepts

July 24, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

A clearing amongst thickets of abstruse concepts. Unlike much writing on photography, this is a model of clarity. Recommended to those who want a thorough grounding in contemporary and historical thought without wading through semi-penetrable essays, although it encourages further reading. The new chapters are particularly welcome.

Anonymous says:

A must have for serious photographers Much more of a concise book on the critical theory behind photography. An easier read than some others andgreat for quick reference to research specific subjects.

Anonymous says:

Excellent, although heavy, read Interesting read on theory of photography as a medium. It is a rather heavy one and will likely require several passes of some sections, but I think it is a very important text for any photographer who is in it not only for commemorative snaps.Photography is a tool for conveying a message, whatever it may be in each individual case. This covers it and more.

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