Photography: History. Art. Technique

October 10, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Not as good as I’d hoped. This book comes in a substantial slip case that would make it a very attractive gift for someone becoming interested in photography.I’m a fan of Tom Ang’s photographic books and have read a few, so I was quite excited when I knew this was on its way. I was more than a little disappointed on opening it up to find that it was a reprint of a book published in 2005 under a different title. So it’s only new in the sense that sections have been updated to account for the massive strides…

Anonymous says:

A wide variety of topics to encourage you to have a go! I am an amazon vine reviewer. I am reviewing the book “Photography” by Tom Ang and published by DK.It is a hardback book containing 334 pages, including the index. The book is housed in a very well-made sleeve – a nice presentation touch.The book is divided firstly into photographers that trailblazed the development of photos This is complimented next by the technical development of photographic machinery itself.Maybe in terms of timeliness, these sections could be…

Anonymous says:

Beautiful beginner’s guide to photography This is another excellent photography book from Tom Ang and this one is particularly attractive. It is made to look like a camera and comes in a sturdy slipcover. It definitely looks more like a coffee-table book and not just another DK how-to guide. This book would be ideal for those who are just starting to become interested in the art of photography and people who have just bought their first D-SLR camera. The book begins with a gallery of famous photographers and a history of photography…

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