Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History

February 29, 2020 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Deep Beauty. Not simply a book, this is a gathering of ideas which, after fine analysis and catalysis are attributed redefined understanding. Mathematics and art are viewed in a holistic binding and interpretation. It is at the same time, specific about the points it is making and yet also infering a huge wider meaning. From a personal perspective, it blends science, nature and the esoteric to a profound level of understanding.I am still in awe of this book and I dip into it rather than read…

Anonymous says:

So glad I bought it This is a gorgeous book to dip in and read and a learn how maths and art connect. It is beautifully illustrated, very glad I bought it.

Anonymous says:

The most extensive and important book as cultural contribution and reference For personal information, teaching and general education.The extent to which Lynn Gamwell is able to connect the areas – Mathematics and Art – two subjects which cannot be rigorously defined is quite remarkable.

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