Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Crafting Light and Shadow

October 15, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Best photography book I’ve bought in years. This is a fantastic book. Really nicely written, with lots of wit and detail. Having purchased lots of ‘how to light’ type books over the years, this is far and away the best of the bunch. The pictures and diagrams are clear and concise and Chris shows you the effects of different modifiers from different distances as well as going over some slightly more advanced subjects like art history and the inverse square law. I initially thought that these subjects (that I know a fair amount about…

Anonymous says:

Good book, explains and illustrates well A book that actually tells you something and bothers to impart understanding not just method. This is not a general lighting book, but it is actually fine as a first lighting book. It is focussing on dramatic, but it does eplain well different light sources, shapers and how light works at different distances. One interesting approach is to show a lighting setup with just each individual light on so you can see the separate contributions. I have found this book a good source for practicing…

Anonymous says:

Thoroughly recommend this book for any photographer who is looking for … Thoroughly recommend this book for any photographer who is looking for an in depth overview on creating a (dramatic) portrait. This book is not about quick-and-easy techniques. But it is very comprehensive and covers everything, from o.a. art, to lighting, to color, styling, narrative and personal style. It’s a bit like looking at a detailed (and historic) map of the world, before/as you are travelling it.Textbook material for any photographer aiming for the deep end.Warning:…

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